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Welcome to JAZ-FIT

A Holistic Way to Improve Your Health!

My name is Jaz Morneau owner/operator of Jaz-Fit, and I am working toward changing the world through offering mobility, energy work and mindset services. My passions are healing self, empowering people and helping people become the best versions of themselves. Taking a holistic way of life takes dedication and hard work but the benefits are worth it.


There are 3 aspects Jaz-Fit looks into to help you with your health goals:


What is your perspective on life?


What kind of fuel are you putting into your body?


What are you doing to be active?

Available Treatments
One on One Training
The focus is look at what you eat and when, mindset which will effect having a good day or bad day and finally what are you doing to be active.  
F.S.T. (Fascia stretch therapy)
(Fascia stretch therapy focuses on your range of motion at your joints. Helping you maximize your mobility for living in everyday life.)This scope of practice is about looking at your range of motion and posture and how to best maximize this.
Guided Meditation 
Looking for assistance to help create a meditation practice for yourself? We can help you and create a positive route to calm and ease your mind while connecting within yourself.
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