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                            FESTIVAL DATES: SEPT. 4 to 8, 2024

Border City Horror Festival goal is to provide an opportunity for you to be able to perform your art. We will do our best to get people out to your shows but it is also on you as well. The more people you get to your show, the more money you get back.



50/50 split of NET earnings between Scarehouse Windsor and ALL artists. This also includes booze sales. Most events, festivals do not include booze sales but feel this helps ensure more money gets back into the hands of the artists that have put their blood, sweat and tears into their artform. We will be applying for grants that pay artists and if they are accepted we will subsidize. 

That 50% for the artists is then divided by how many audience members attend all four of your shows. This gives you incentive to help with the marketing and help build the audiences.  



LIVE PERFORMANCE (play, one person show, etc.) - $425 + $25 processing fee

SHORT FILMS (no more than 15mins) each pay $25 processing fee but the cost is split between each short film production within that time slot. 

E.g. 5 short films divide by $425 = $85/production 

Live shows will have 3 hours to have their tech rehearsal and bring sets, etc. Please note there is not a lot of room to store big set pieces.

Adopting a fringe festival aspect of tech, you only have 15mins to set up before the show, and 15mins to teardown after your show. Please keep that in mind when planning for this festival and applying with your show.  

Email for more information or questions

Click on the eye for link to Scarehouse

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